The Business Start-up Loan Program for UPSI students, also known as U-Star, is one of the initiatives to increase the employability of UPSI graduates in the field of entrepreneurship.

A survey conducted for UPSI students revealed that more than 50% of students are interested in starting their own business during their studies at UPSI, but the initial capital is the main obstacle for them to start a business.

EDGE, in collaboration with the Islamic Center, has taken this initiative by helping students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs by offering a starting capital of RM500 as a loan.

The loan made through Zakat UPSI will be repaid by the student (without interest) before the student graduates.


    • Helping students who want to become entrepreneurs by offering start-up capital
    • Applying entrepreneurial values among students during the study period
    • Increase the percentage of graduate employability in the field of entrepreneurship among students
    • Produce highly competent and skilled graduates that make them different from other public university graduates

How To Apply